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Wedding In Beijing

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The Plan

What the hell are we up to?

We plan on driving from Nenagh, Ireland to a wedding in Beijing. Our childhood friend, Alan Ho, is getting married in Beijing to the lovely Sophie on the 5th of September, 2015 .  Two out of three of us are groomsmen at the wedding.

We decided the best way to get to Beijing for the wedding is to drive.

Adventure, craic, 13,ooo km, and fundraising for the incredible foundation, LauraLynn, all at the same time.

We leave 9 weeks before the wedding……



Here is our video explaining the plan and introducing the team. We plan on filming lots of updates every week and posting them on our blog and social media.

Our experience filmography Brian, will keep the videos flowing.

The Route

Yes we are going to drive.


Click image for larger view.

Meet The Team

Who are these crazy guys?

James le der costello


An Eco-builder and physics student in Galway. A man always ready for an improvised adventure.

Brian Gleeson


A Baker and Filmmaker but not a Candlestick maker.

(His mother doesn’t want him to go.)

Willie Gleeson

(The Wild Card)

A Jack of all trades and master of the same. A man feared, loved, and hated,  regarded as a rogue and a nave, depending on who you ask.

The best and worst of us.

This is for a worthy cause

We are not just in this for the adventure we are also saving the world.

LauraLynn provides palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Their holistic approach to care enables them to support the whole family, allowing parents to be ‘Mum and Dad’ rather than full-time carers. They offer support for children from birth to age 18. All hospice care is free for families. It is the only charity of its kind in Ireland.

We will be running a few events for fundraising locally (updates on the Facebook page) but if you can not make it to any and still want to donate please follow this link.

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Contact Us

If you want

Email: brian@wherewouldyoubegoin.com

Phone No: 085 133 6021